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Most of our foreign guests / visitors dental appointment are done through e-mail at: info@dentalworldpattaya.com
Laser Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Center
Teeth and gums are important organs for living. We have to take care of our health to keep both our teeth and gums with us as long as possible. The oral health problems may occurred from many causes, Those oral health problems should be identified by dentists as early as possible.
we were aware that prevention is better than cure, we decided to provide free of charge dental examination and qualified dental services for clients.
Dental World Clinic concerned about fear of pain, expensive payment, inconvenience and lack of dental knowledge. This finding had thus been the major dental aims of Dental World Clinic as follows:
    To ensure all dental treatment are pain free dentistry by considering the following :
    only using the latest dental material and advanced technology and up-to-date dental equipment.
    post-mortem are conducted from time to time.
    To ensure a reasonable price that is affordable by all clients without compromise quality and set-up only one standard dental rates that will applied both to the locals and foreigners.
    Free Dental health education and consultation for all clients.
    walk-in for a free oral examination and consultancy.
Trust Us Should any of your teeth become a problem, trust on us, we (our dentists) have the dental advanced technology and the most up-to-date dental equipment and knowledge to save that teeth and maintained it so that you will continuing to enjoy good dental health. Our specialists are here to ensure that your natural teeth are well treated and meant to last a lifetime.
We look forward to welcoming you ...
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